Richard Williams Animation Masterclass presents The Animators Survival Kit Animated
"10 OUT OF 10"
Richard Williams accepts an Oscar
"The sample animation is amazing and it is so wonderful to see Richard Williams demonstrating in live-action: articulate, passionate and humorous. He is a distillation of a dozen master animators each giving you a private tutorial, a uniquely personal way to learn the art and the craft of animation."
JOHN CANEMAKER, NYU Professor, Author, Oscar-winning animation filmmaker.
Basketball player
"I would absolutely recommend it for everybody. What's terrific is that those who didnít have the benefit of going to one of Richardís classes can now experience that class by watching these DVDís. I attended one of Richardís Master classes years ago and it had a fundamental and lasting effect on my work. The joy of the discs for me was all of the animated examples - to actually see them animated and be able to frame through them forward and backward, and to be able to look at them, that is a real treat. "
ROB COLEMAN, Animation Director, Star Wars episodes 1, 2 and 3. Two time Oscar nominee.
Interview for Imagine magazine March/April issue 2009.
Richard Williams presenting a Masterclass
"What I came out with was a complete re-structuring of animation, how I saw animation, how I analysed motion. People the first night sat down at their work stations and were running some of Richardís examples ... and at lunchtime you could see the influence. It was a revelation."
CHRIS WEDGE, Oscar winner Bunny and Director Ice Age.
Walking styles
"When an animation great like Richard Williams offers you the fruits of his experience - his knowledge, his craft - packed into a box and fully illustrated with moving pictures, just say 'thank you!' and hand over the cash. Then use it."
JAN PINKAVA Oscar winner Geri's Game and Co-Director Ratatouille.