Richard Williams Animation Masterclass presents The Animators Survival Kit Animated


Now also as an iBook - available on iTunes

“An ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for any animators with an iPad. If you are an animator, and you don’t have an iPad, you may even consider buying one just for this app alone. It really is that good.”
   —Animation Scoop


“A sublime and spell binding epitomises everything an eBook app crossbreed should be. It uses the full capabilities of the iPad's processing power and screen to deliver a visually stunning, entertaining and enthralling masterpiece... if you're a budding animator with a spare $35 you won't regret it.”
   —The Next Web, Pick of the Day, 29th April 2013

“I can't imagine an audience who won't love this app. From school kids just growing an interest in drawing to retirees, this book/app is perfect for anyone looking for a wonderful excursion into a new topic or attempting to expand their craft.”

“We love it ... it perfectly combines the best qualities of print and video ... a huge step forward for learning animation.”
   —Animation Apprentice

Triple-Oscar-winner Richard Williams’ bestselling ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ taken to a whole new dimension - now available worldwide for iPad, priced at $35/£24.49.

The app contains:

There is also a free sample version containing:

Taking the globally bestselling Kit to a whole new dimension, this app provides the underlying principles that every animator needs. Aspiring or professional, digital, classical or stop motion, animators can now engage with Williams and his work like never before.

Richard Williams comments: ‘I’m astonished at the possibilities of this iPad app. I’m sure we will achieve a unique result combining the book with filmed animated examples. It’s great for us to be able to package animation knowledge in this fascinating delivery system. I only wish I’d had something like this when I was starting out.’

Henry Volans, Head of Faber Digital, adds: ‘It is an honour to work with Richard Williams on any project. Seeing his delight at the capabilities of the new digital edition makes me excited for the possibilities it will extend to animators and students around the world.’

“Good news for animators of all stripes - pro or student, digital and hand-drawn ... Now you can have access to Williams' wisdom all the time. It's a must have for both studios and classrooms - smart, stylish and a class act all the way !”
   —John Canemaker, NYU Animation Professor and Academy Award winner

“The essential tool for both aspiring novice and seasoned pro. I love that an animator can step forwards and backwards through the animation. The 'slide to animate' bar below the animated clips is very useful as it allows you to isolate and study a particular arc or path of action... Now it is obvious that this is the way to view and learn from the animated examples.”
   —Rob Coleman, two time Oscar nominee, Animation Director on the Star Wars prequels

The app is available on iTunes: