Richard Williams Animation Masterclass presents The Animators Survival Kit Animated
"10 OUT OF 10"
"Richard Williams shares his milestone DVD collection The Animator's Survival Kit (Animated) with unparalleled generosity. His knowledge and expertise has been passed on to future generations of animation students and professionals. By viewing them one is immediately connected to the work of the animation Masters in a way that subject specialists can only dream about.
Richard's visual Master classes reach his audience though the most authoritative, entertaining and accessible performance which not only addresses the importance of the craft, the hard work and commitment to succeed, but also the FUN of doing it!
This DVD Master work will have a profound influence on the teaching and understanding of animation for years to come. "
Professor Peter Parr, Reader in Animation The Arts Institute at Bournemouth.
"I just received our copies of your DVD set today, so THANK YOU! So far tonight I've watched DVD 1 and 2. They are spectacular and uncluttered, and are so useful to teaching (and for my own work) that I'm blown away.
What really struck me was how accurately and efficiently you get to the core problems of the craft. We had a animation roundtable meeting today for instructors in our program, and I was talking about how for the past year Ive been forcing students to focus on the small details. Observations, timing, spacing, done at the frame level, are what really separates a true animator. In DVD 2 you showed exactly what I've been trying to say, in the way that I should have been saying it. You make it crystal clear, and in a way that I think students will catch immediately. My animation teaching priorities have changed completely, especially at the earliest stages.
I've been using your book in my classes for 8 years, but with these DVDS you've created a teaching legacy that will positively influence the field for decades.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Scott Roberts Associate Professor, Chair Animation Program Committee, School of Cinema & Interactive Media, DePaul University Chicago, Illinois.
"I write to celebrate Dick Williams's inspirational DVDs The Animator's Survival Kit. They were donated to us by a parent who works in theatre, television and film. I have shared them with those of my pupils who are particularly interested in animation, or who I thought might realize the scope of animation having seen them, and they have been energised by the experience. It's been like watching veils fall from their eyes. Mr Williams has revealed all the best tricks of the trade to allow those with any aptitude for the art form to see just how simply they can create effective and compelling animated images. Mr Williams is a great artist. The Animator's Survival Kit proves him to be a great teacher too. "
Dr JAF Spence, Headmaster, Oakham School, England